Black Pepper & White Pepper

Black & White Pepper

Everyone thinks that black and white pepper come from different trees. Even though these two types of pepper come from the same tree but through different processes so that the results are different.

Black pepper comes from the fruit of the pepper tree, while white pepper comes from the seeds of the pepper tree.

Furthermore, the pepper fruit is then soaked in water for several days so that the flesh of the pepper is easily broken down. This process is called retting to get pepper seeds. The clean pepper seeds are then dried and become white pepper.

black pepper has a spicier taste because the processing is still simple. White pepper has gone through various soaking and drying processes so that the spicy taste is lighter.

In general, black pepper is used to enhance the taste of dishes because of its sharp aroma. In western cuisine, white pepper is only used for brightly colored dishes or sauces because it does not make black dishes.

Meanwhile, white pepper is generally used for Asian dishes, including Indonesian dishes. White pepper is used to add a hot and spicy sensation to dishes.

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