The kinds of coffee we supply :


Arabica coffee :

This coffee has a unique taste, which is the sour and fresh taste of the fruits which is its trademark. with the quality that we have, of course, it will be very delicious served in a traditional way.


Robusta Coffee :

Robusta itself means strong. In accordance with the meaning and name, this type of robusta coffee does have a strong taste and tends to be more bitter than arabica coffee. Then Robusta coffee beans are widely used as raw material for ready-to-eat coffee and blended coffee mixers to add to the taste of coffee. In addition, it is usually used to make milk-based coffee drinks such as cappuccinos, café lattes and macchiato. For Indonesia itself, Robusta coffee is indeed one of the most popular types of coffee. Because you also need to know bro that Indonesia is one of the largest robusta coffee producing countries in the world. Most of the coffee plantations in Indonesia are planted with robusta coffee.

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