Cloves can be classified into 3 types :

  • Native maluku cloves (such as AFO, Tibobo, Tauro, Sibela, Indari, Air Mata, Dokiri, Pufferfish),
  • Wild cloves (such as Raja, Amahusu, Haria Gunung, Bogor Forest Cloves),
  • Cultivation cloves (such as Zanzibar, Siputih, Sikotok, Ambon)

The part that has a high selling value from the clove tree, namely the clove flower buds measuring 2 cm and will form after 4-6 years of cultivation. The clove flower buds are harvested at maturity before flowering. Then the clove buds are dried in the sun until they turn dark brown. Apart from flower buds, parts of the clove tree that have a high selling value are Clove stem oil, clove leaf oil and clove fruit. Now, the largest clove producing country is Indonesia. Cloves are a spice that is often used as a preservative agent for food and medicinal plants because cloves have antioxidant and antimicrobial activity.



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