Giant Ginger 

As the name implies, this type of ginger is the largest ginger among other ginger. The size of the rhizome is big and fat. The aroma is very sharp, but the taste is not too spicy compared to other types of ginger.

The inner color tends to be white. The fiber in this ginger meat is smaller and softer than other types. This type of ginger is the most preferred ginger by people abroad or in the international market.

With an essential oil content of approximately up to 2% so the taste is not too spicy. This type of ginger is usually used for the main ingredient of ginger candy, food or drinks because of its thick flesh. But there are also those who use it as a spice for cooking.


Emprit Ginger / Small Ginger

This type of ginger is ginger that is often found in Indonesian markets. The shape of the rhizome is slimmer and smaller than elephant ginger. The aroma is not as sharp as elephant ginger, but it tastes spicier than elephant ginger. This type of ginger has yellow flesh and has soft fiber. The essential oil content in this emprit ginger can reach up to 7% so it tastes quite spicy. This type of ginger is often used as a spice in Indonesian cuisine and can also be used as an ingredient for making herbal medicine.


Red Ginger

Red ginger has the highest essential oil content compared to Elephant (big) ginger and Emprit (small) ginger. So that the taste of red ginger is indeed the spicyest compared to other types of ginger. The rhizome of red ginger is small in size, has red skin according to its name. The fiber in red ginger is larger and coarser than other types of ginger.

Because of this spicy taste, red ginger is often used for the manufacture of herbal medicines. Because of these advantages, red ginger is commonly used to relieve pain, relieve aches, reduce headaches, relieve fever and others.

Red ginger is a well-known ginger among Indonesian people. But you know, the price of red ginger is the most expensive compared to other types of ginger. Because red ginger is seasonal, it can’t be harvested much, depending on the weather.

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