Our farmer really care about the quality, and they always have the best time line to harvesting, is that one point why

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Veggies is the most important komoditi in this world. Indonesia is one of the largest agricultural countries in the world. With fertile

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Dry Chilli

Chili is one of the basic needs in Indonesia. Where most Indonesian people really like spicy food. This makes chilies the most

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Cloves can be classified into 3 types : Native maluku cloves (such as AFO, Tibobo, Tauro, Sibela, Indari, Air Mata, Dokiri, Pufferfish),

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Giant Ginger  As the name implies, this type of ginger is the largest ginger among other ginger. The size of the rhizome

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The kinds of coffee we supply :   Arabica coffee : This coffee has a unique taste, which is the sour and

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